ECar Insurance Contact Number – 0843 487 1839

Ecar Insurance contact numberEcar is a leading online insurance provider based in Bristol and Newcastle. It allows its customers to manage their car insurance needs whenever they need them. Over time, it has eliminated the necessity of making calls to automated phone lines and call centres for help on insurance coverage. It runs on a unique platform that allows the car user to control and reward themselves with the best insurance quotes.

Since its introduction, it has managed to sell over a million policies to different clients. The management is composed of friendly staff who will respond to your inquiries as soon as you dial the Ecar insurance contact number for help. 

Coverage policies

Coverage policies offered by the company include:

  • Standard policy.
  • Short Term Policy.
  • Pay As You Go Policy.

Standard Policy

It is categorized as an annual policy that provides customers with flexible and outstanding cover. Its features include:

  • 1 year European Union cover.
  • Maximum coverage of 4 drivers each with a different car at affordable rates.
  • Capability to maintain your policy online.
  • Maximum no claims discount that is guaranteed throughout one’s lifetime.

The policy has a simple and quick quote process for customers to complete. 

Short Term Policy

It is suitable for customers who prefer insuring their cars for short term cover rather than a whole year. Coverage ranges from 1 to 28 days. It is best suitable during unexpected times or off occasion periods. It is also suitable during the following situations:

  • Driving a friend’s car for a temporary period.
  • Shared driving during a long trip.
  • Test driving before purchasing a car.
  • Driving a hired or courtesy car.

Ecar Contact NumberPay As You Go (PAYG) Policy

Customers have the obligation to purchase car insurance cover whenever they need it. With this cover, it is possible to sign-up for a monthly premium which can be switched off whenever you no longer need it. A renewal notice is often sent before the expiry of the existing coverage. The plan offers similar coverage benefits offered by the standard policy. It is also possible to enjoy low monthly quotes for a maximum period of 8 months provided renewals are made constantly. 

Ecar Insurance has an elaborate customer care service that allows one to raise their concerns through the Ecar Insurance phone number and their website. Customers can find the Ecar contact number by visiting the “Contact” section of the official website. However, issues related to change of policy and advice on claims cannot be handled over the phone. Contact Ecar Insurance today for the best car insurance coverage policies.