How can I contact Ecar Insurance customer service?

As eCar insurance changes to Brightside car insurance, you may have some uncertainties. However, as they move with the times you can remain certain that contacting their customer services remains simple with social media and online platforms.

Car insurance can be a tricky thing, and if you have a complaint, comment or maybe even a piece of praise to share about your experience with eCar insurance, contacting them is as easy as browsing the web or accessing Facebook. The new eCar insurance Facebook page can be found at Though maybe not as speedy as messaging your friends, eCar insurance can be contacted using the ‘Message’ button. This button will bring customers to the Facebook messenger service, which will typically see a response to your query within a few hours.

Social media users who are active on Twitter can direct message or tweet eCar insurance at their new twitter handle @BrightsideGrp or follow their Twitter page: It is worth noting that eCar insurance have an old Twitter account under the handle @Ecar_Insurance which is no longer in use.

You can also share comments or make a complaint directly to eCar insurance through the contact details shared on their website, . Unfortunately, the Ecar website does not have an instant messaging service, however by navigating to the bottom of the homepage you can email or call the customer service team.

Getting in contact with the Ecar Insurance contact number team

If you are making a complaint, it is best to directly contact eCar insurance in the first instance. Hopefully, this will result in your complaint being quickly resolved. Below are some tips to help ensure a smooth complaints process:

  • Write down the main points of your complaint for discussion
  • Have details of your insurance policy handy – your name, the policy number and the dates of cover
  • Take note of the name of the person you are speaking to
  • Facebook messenger or Twitter will count as a written record; ask for the pertinent points to be emailed to you if talking on the phone
  • As difficult as it may be, remember to try to remain calm and polite

With luck, eCar insurance will quickly be able to solve your complaint. If not, you may have to escalate your complaint to the financial ombudsman.

The financial ombudsman is an independent service that aims to resolve issues between consumers and businesses which provide financial services, including insurance. However, they cannot be involved in a complaint unless the insurance company have been given an opportunity to solve the dispute. This usually comprises of an eight week period, during which eCar insurance must settle your complaint. If they fail to do this, or inform you during this period that they can take the complaint no further, you can refer the complaint to the financial ombudsman.

Further information on raising a complaint to the ombudsman can be found at