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Ecar Car InsuranceIf flexibility it crucial to your needs, then Ecar car insurance is well worth consideration. Ecar gives customers the tools they require to undertake nearly all their insurance administration online. Whether you’re looking for a quote, completing the paperwork after deciding to opt for insurance with the company or need answers to common queries, the site has everything you need to complete your tasks through the Internet.

This has numerous advantages, as you can log on whenever you wish, enabling you to complete your policy information whenever you have a spare moment. In addition, you reduce outlay on postage and phone costs as well as saving the planet by minimising the need for stationery. 

Short Term Policies Available

The use of electronic communication methods isn’t the only flexible facet of this insurance provider. If you don’t use a car regularly, but perhaps have one for a few weeks at a time, then why not consider taking out one of their short term policies? There’s even a pay-as-you-go policy which allows you to have the relevant insurance only when you need it; ideal for a short break. These policies allow you to have the cover you need but without the financial burden of taking out an annual policy which will be under utilised.

Get More For Your Money

As a look at the small print in any insurance policy will reveal, not all insurers are the same. Whilst many people look only at the premium price, it’s worth remembering that benefits such as a No Claims Bonus (NCB) which is protected for life, European Cover, Breakdown Cover, Legal Cover and protection for Multiple Drivers and Vehicles are all important and useful additions to the cover which Ecar provide. Particularly if you drive abroad or undertake longer journeys, then these add-ons to basic cover will almost certainly come in handy.

Ecar car insurance not only offers a level of cover which is significantly higher than you get from some other providers, they are also competitively priced. Customers can obtain a no-obligation quote through their website and then compare it with that provided by other insurers. Many customers find that they end up paying less for more with an Ecar policy. If you have any queries about what’s on offer, the handy FAQ section can normally give you the answers, or contact Ecar using the online form.