Ecar Insurance Departments

Ecar Insurance DepartmentsEcar began business in 2004 by offering bike insurance. Since then it has expanded to offering home, van and car insurance. During the past decade it has sold more than £1 million policies in the UK and employs more than 250 people at its offices. Here you can learn more about each of the departments of the company and the Ecar insurance phone number.

Car Insurance Department

Car insurance is one of Ecars primary offerings. Ecar offers some unique features including 365 day European driving cover. This makes it suitable for people who travel frequently either for business or pleasure. Ecar also offers the opportunity to purchase insurance on either monthly or yearly basis and the ability to ensure up to four cars on the same policy. 

Bike Insurance Department

Bike insurance was eCars first offering. eCar offers some of the lowest price bike insurance that is available in the UK. Ecar bike insurance includes both European and breakdown cover. It also allows you to insure multiple bikesunder the same policy. You can insure up to 4 bikes on the same policy as long as the riders are over the age of 16. 

Home insurance department

Ecar offers home insurance policies which cover buildings, contents and combined contents and buildings policies. With Ecar home insurance you can cover everything from a house in the country through to an inner-city flat. Ecar insurance also offers additional add-ons like family legal expenses and key cutting costs. 

Van insurance department

Ecar offers standard annual policy and pays you go policies. You can also add up to 4 days on a single policy provided all the drivers are 21 years or older. Ecar van insurance also covers driving inside of the European Union. As long as your primary residence is inside of the United Kingdom you are covered for 365 days a years when driving in the EU.