Ecar Insurance FAQ

Ecar Insurance FAQEcar is a complete online car insurance service. It offers unique features such as 365 days a year European driving coverage and the ability to review and modify your account online. Below you can find the answers to some of the most common eCar FAQ. More answers can be found by calling the Ecar insurance phone number.

Is my vehicle insured when driving in other European countries?

With the standard annual policy eCar insurance drivers are covered inside of Europe for a maximum of 90 days. With the PAYG monthly policy, car insurance is provided for the entire duration of the policy. However this coverage must be for travel purposes only. Your primary home needs to be Great Britain, the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man. 

Can you lose the five years no claims discount?

Once you have earned your five years no claim discount you cannot lose it. This discount remains no matter how many claims you need to make in the future.

Does third party insurance cover driving in other vehicles?

The policyholder is covered for other vehicles but is limited to only third-party coverage. The policyholder must also be 25 years or older when they take of the policy or has it renewed.

How soon do I need to make a claim?

Ecar states that you must report any accident within 48 hours. If you fail to report the accident within this period then you may be personally liable for claims against you. 

What is the cooling off period?

The cooling off period allows you to cancel your policy if you decide it is not the right choice for you. This period lasts fourteen days after you purchase the insurance policy.

If you have any other queries which have not been covered in these eCar FAQ you should contact the eCar general helpline. The helpline is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday apart from on bank holidays.